The low yesterday had missed us despite the warning of a force 9 storm being imminent. And bad weather was in the news with the remains of tropical storm Bertha lashing the south of the country. However that wasn't due to reach us until the evening so we made the most of the weather window to cut across the Moray Firth to Peterhead.
We left at 6am, and it was a clear day with a SE wind ((typical - as we were heading SE) so we were motoring. After breakfast we tried under sail alone but weren't going to keep enough speed to be confident of making port before the weather worsened and this wasn't a time we wanted to get caught out. It clouded over at lunchtime, and a bit later the wind backed a bit to the east and strengthened a bit to over 10 knots - so we got some useful lift from it.
We arrived at Peterhead at 4.30. Peterhead is a big harbour with lots of 'big' boats either fishing or servicing the oil or wind generation industries - and a small marina tucked into a corner. Being shoal draft had a sudden and unexpected advantage - the winter storms had silted up the marina so that the depths are much less than charted. The rain started just as we'd finished tying up.