We left a little later than we'd hoped since leaving Wells involved going in convoy with a guide from the harbourmaster. It wasn't of course compulsory - but once offered it seemed expected and perhaps sensible to follow it.

There was a westerly 20 knot wind and we were heading East with the wind directly behind us. We tried initially with just the foresail, but as its a self tacking jib its relatively small and so we weren't making very good speed. After a little while the wind dropped a couple of knots, and we were turning a little southwards as we followed the Norfolk coast. So off Cromer we put up the cruising chute (a lightweight, big colourful sail) and flew that for the rest of the day. A bit further on we'd rounded still more away from the wind and we could put up the main sail as well - which was good as the wind was gradually dropping. For the second half of the day we were against quite a strong tide, so although our boat speed was good, our progress over the ground was much slower. We eventually also used the motor for the final hour or so whilst I packed away the cruising chute and to help that we made it into harbour before darkness.