We left Southwold just as the tide began to flood.

With a light wind from behind us we decided to use the cruising chute for the short passage. Unfortunately it then started to drizzle so when we finished we needed to pack it away still wet which I don't like doing.

The Rivers Ore and Alde (actually the same river that changes name half way along) were our destination, and perhaps our first experience of proper 'east coast' sailing. We'd hoped to go up to Snape about 9 miles up the river. However we'd left it a bit late and it was nearly high tide when we were at Aldeburgh. As the river dries significantly above this we felt that not only was there a bit of a risk of going further into unknown territory on a falling tide, but we wouldn't be able to do anything more than simply turn around if we did get there. So we stopped on a visitor buoy at Aldeburgh, and visited there instead.