Despite quite strong winds, we left the pontoon at Lochaline to move on to Tobermory. It was a good run up the Mull of Sound with the wind behind us - in fact a bit too much behind us as you don't like to be sailing dead down wind. We dropped the main and sailed with just the jib.

In Tobermory there wasn't any space left on the pontoons nor on the mooring buoys, so we headed down to the southern corner of the harbour to anchor. As we were looking for a suitable spot we passed in front of a large German yacht. They waved agitatedly to say that we were looking where their anchor was - which was a long way from them as we were perhaps closer to the shore than them. We moved on around to the spot where we anchored.

Later on the wind dropped a little, but changed direction and we saw the germans looking concerned as they got too close to the shore and then had to reposition themselves.

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    Anchored in Tobermory