My throat infection was on the mend but still ticking away, so we decided to visit Rothesay and a doctor there. Its strange that in all the planning we'd done for the boat and things that could go wrong with that, we'd not actually considered one of us being ill! Lesson learnt, fortunately only within something needing a quick dose of penicillin.

As we were in Rothesay, we bicycled down the coastal road to the huge estate of Mount Stuart. Although it was only mid afternoon, we'd missed the last tour of the house, but were able to visit the large gardens and estate - even taking our bikes around.

Rothesay Harbour had been good for a the stop, but wasn't particularly quiet or attractive to spend the night so we moved on to anchor by the Burnt Isles. Our company there was a gull and an oystercatcher - which curiously were each guarding their small patches on the shore 20m from us - and were still there in the morning.

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    Mount Stuart
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    View from our anchor at Burnt Isles