After the trials of anchoring last night, today was a different day. Great conditions for sailing back along the south coast of Mull until we got to the east coast. The wind then died and we slowed down. However the sun came out, and we were in range to listen to the Wimbledon Men's final on the radio.

We picked up a mooring buoy at Heather Island, Kerrera Sound. Its a perfectly good mooring buoy, but landing the dingy on the beach was pretty awkward and the beach itself was fairly dirty and difficult to pick a way across. We walked up the road to Oban Marina, where the one lady on duty wasn't very welcoming and we could see that they had (at least for a few days) problems with their water supply. We therefore decided that we'd next go to Dunstaffnage just up the road from Oban on the mainland.

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    Approaching Oban from South