We left Howth after breakfast, but only sailed as far as Ireland's Eye just a mile or so away - where we anchored and waited for the North-going tide in the afternoon to head up to Ardglass.

As Ardglass we ran into our first bit of trouble of the trip. The electronic chart indicated that there was an area for anchoring within the harbour - which we thought we'd try. In reality it was a small space between drying rocks, and either an anchorage for very much small boats, or more likely simply an error in the chart. Certainly no-one else seems to consider that it is an anchorage. We anchored, but we're comfortable with the space so decided to lift the anchor and head around to the small marina. It was whilst leaving that area that we heard and felt a nasty juddering and knew that we'd dragged the keel across one of those rocks.

We then first met John and Molly - sailing in a Fisher 34 Yacht. They'd had a worse mishap with something having both caught around their prop and bashed the side. They were trying to use an endoscope attached to a boat hook to examine the extent of the damage. We were able to help with using a laptop to see and capture the images. I actually also have a similar endoscope - they are cheap from eBay - which I'd bought for investigating internal problems. I hadn't ever thought to use it externally but its very effective.

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    Anchored off Ireland's Eye
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    Ardglass Harbour and Marina