Our final day of the trip.

We left early to catch the second half of the west-bound tide. The wind was 15 to 17 knots, and we flew the cruising chute and made great progress at 9 knots over the ground past Beachy Head.

By mid-morning the tide changed against us and we slowed to about 6 knots which was inevitable. However by early afternoon the wind dropped to 6-8 knots and our net progress was under 3 knots. So having been able to sail - rather than motor sail - almost all the way since Wells, we had to do the last few hours with the engine on.

We past the Chichester West Pole marker at about 4pm. It hadn't been a race, but this was the point which we'd past at about midday on 6th June and turned right - and had been continuing clockwise around the whole country since then.

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    Beachy Head