The reason for having gone to Carbost was primarily to have visited the Talisker distillery (another one owned by Diageo). The tour was pretty much as we expected, although the tasting dram was the most miserly we'd seen - just 10cl. Apparently that size for drivers but with no exception for non-drivers.

We'd heard of the Oyster Shed Just up the hill from Talisker - where we then went for an open air snack lunch of oysters and scallops - excellent it was too. We left with more scallops for later, frozen venison for even later and cheese from Mull.

We want to have a crack at reaching St Kilda, and seeing that the best opportunity might be sooner rather than later we changed from our original plan of heading south to Canna and then accross to Benbecula, and decided to go on to Port Maddy immediately. That had the plus side that our paths would cross with our friend Tony next to whom we picked up a mooring buoy in the outer harbour. We shared a drink, and he shared a lot of useful information and guidance having been sailing in the area for 10 years.

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