Very pleasant bike ride/walk to and around Winkworth village, and then back to Amble and the shops there for some provisions. Somewhat strangely bought a book (second hand, in aid of the RNLI) from the fishmonger along with our fish.

Leaving after lunch for the sail down to the Tyne we found that a large swell had developed overnight. It hasn't obviously been windy here so this must be from something out in the North Sea. However if it had been like this last night we wouldn't have been able to enter the harbour so close to low water. Fortunately we were leaving at high tide.

Sailing however wasn't really working. We had very little wind - well under 10 knots and often under 5 knots which isn't enough to sail with. We also had the swell, and in these conditions the rolling of the boat from the swell tends to collapse the sails anyway. We did try for a while, and as we were going so slowly we tried fishing at the same time. Neither the sailing nor the fishing were at all successful!

We entered the Tyne between the large entrance piers and have moored at Royal Quays marina by North Shields. Newcastle itself is about 7 miles up river. It has 2 marinas, but one was full with an event for the bank holiday weekend and the other is restricted to entry within 3 hours of High Water for which we were far too late.

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    Winkworth Castle and town